Maintenance & Support

Dedicated team.

An integral part of our business model is specifically designed to provide clients with Tokensofts best-in-class software development professionals and client care managers on a long-term basis.

Ongoing support.

The ongoing reliable collaboration between a client and Tokensofts and your account manager results in ongoing maintenance and support that ensures your organisation stays abreast of all the latest software advancements and updates.

Streamlined stress-free.

Keep your systems streamlined and stress-free at whatever stage of development your systems and processes are in; whether in distress or in need of some expert advice, we can help with our world-class support team.

Proven dedicated development team model

Tokensoft supports multiple clients in meeting their technology needs. We stick to the industry’s best practices in delivery, program management, and talent acquisition. As a result, we have implemented a standard dedicated development team governance framework.

Let's talk
Client / Tokensoft interaction
So that we understand your needs

The Director of Software Development at the client enterprise has a weekly/monthly interaction with their Tokensoft Business Lead and/or Delivery Lead to convey their needs and objectives.

Business lead consultation
Ensuring we are aligned in our goals

The relevant Product Manager will convey the client needs to the appropriate Development Manager so that they may plan to make the necessary changes to the client’s system.

Passing over the work
Delegating your requirements

The Development Manager will articulate the client needs to the team of dedicated developers overseeing the client’s system, after which a delivery date will be set, and work will progress.

Enjoy continued enhancements

After completing the initially set goals, our IT consulting advisors and software engineers recommend steps for future improvements, as well as assist with implementing them.

Our tech stack

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